The J&K Legislature Budget Session - 2018

Cut Motion


List of Assembly Questions (Budget Session - 2018)

AQ No. Starred/Un-Starred Subject View/Download
71 Un-Starred Transfer Policy
114 Starred Developmental Works
122 Un-Starred Execution of Major Projects in the State
127 Un-Starred Transfer Policy
142 Starred Shrinking of Wet lands
144 Starred Dredging of river Jehlum
190 Starred Hut and Children Park
223 Un-Starred SC Candidates engaged in Kashmir Division
242 Starred Man-Animal conflict
427 Un-Starred Live Stocks
440 Un-starred Encroachment
514 Un-Starred Construction of Sheds
523 Starred Plantation in Gulabgarh Constituency
803 Un-Starred CM's Participatory Afforestation Programme
834 Un-Starred Conservation/Preservation of Forests
867 Starred Forcible Eviction
875 Un-Starred Disposal of Pending Cases under SRO-43
890 Starred Interviews/Written Tests
914 Starred Vacant Posts

List of Council Questions (Budget Session - 2018)

CQ No. Starred/Un-Starred Subject View/Download
37 Starred Recruitments
61 Starred Cases in Information Commission
94 Starred Afforestation
229 Starred Recruitment Rules
233 Starred Un-employed Youth
238 Un-Starred Persons appointed under SRO-43
294 Un-Starred Income/Expenditure of Forest Department
329 Starred CAG Report
377 Starred Revoke Recruitment Policy
387 Un-Starred Vacancies of Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Posts
404 Starred Appointments under SRO-43
540 Starred Forest Land